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Group litigation for data breach: Sometimes a data protection/GDPR breach by a public body or private organisation may affect not only you but also many other people. We at Irvings can act by ‘no win, no fee’ for everyone in a Group Litigation data breach claim against the defaulting public body or private organisation.

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What is a group litigation claim?

A Group Litigation Claim is a claim brought by a group of people who have all been affected by the same data breach by a public body or private organisation.

The group brings its case to the High Court in London and organisations are often more likely to settle quickly with group claimants, rather than individuals, in order to reduce their costs.

A ‘Lead Claimant’ brings a Group Litigation Claim and behalf of all in the group. If compensation is agreed without court action, everyone in the group receives compensation. Everyone’s individual claims will be settled based on the extent of their own loss and distress.

However, if the defaulting organisation does not wish to settle and Court is necessary, the appointed Judge will typically grant a ‘Group Litigation Order’ and then allocate one firm of solicitors to represent the entire ‘group’.

Due to our experience and specialism in this area, it highly likely that if we were instructed by the ‘Lead Claimant’, then the appointed Judge would allow us to represent everyone in the group.

Why contact Irvings . . . ?

If we agree that you have a data breach/GDPR claim, we will offer you ‘no-win-no fee-terms’. Once you are signed up with us, we will either:

  • Lodge a complaint to the defaulting public body or private organisation and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if you haven’t done so already or have not yet received an admission for the data protection breach, or,
  • Take over any complaint to the defaulting public body or private organisation and/or the ICO if it is still ongoing.

Once the complaint procedure has concluded, we will then instruct a specialist Barrister to assess the prospects of your cases and provide advice for obtaining insurance to fully cover you for bringing your claim if the defaulting public body or private organisation did not want to settle out of Court. This insurance means that you will not pay a penny to bring the case, whether you win or lose.

If you win you will receive compensation and we know that most (if not all) other solicitors will take 25% of whatever compensation you receive as standard. We are specialist whereas other firms are not and we will always look to reduce (or even remove) such a percentage as compensation is for our clients and not us. We will always strive to conclude your case swiftly and for the highest amount of compensation as is possible.

What to do next . . .

If you think you could be included in a Group Litigation Claim, please contact us to speak to one of our experts to get the ball rolling. Please see the bottom of this page for our direct contact details.

If your data has been breached, such as being released into the public domain . . .
. . . you may have a claim.

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