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Breach of data protection lawyers: We’ve helped thousands of clients with cases ranging from smaller to very severe and complex claims. Our number one priority is to help get the highest possible compensation for you so you can get on with your life.

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Collaboration . . .

At Irvings, we have a collaborative approach where solicitors work together and learn from each other. This means creating a community inside the firm; meeting one morning a week to discuss cases and speak of successes and issues. Knowing who was involved in litigations allowed others to learn from more experienced people in the practice and solicitors could gain insight and knowledge from each other.

Nurturing talent . . .

At Irvings, and as expert breach of data protection lawyers, we always strive to differentiate ourselves from other providers because we are different; we are specialists in what we do. This is done in two ways; having good, approachable and knowledgeable people on the cases and working with clients. This then began Irvings’ programme for trainee solicitors to train them into specialist solicitors with the goal of learning what we feel civil litigation should be all about; the clients. Putting the client first, making sure we do the best job we could for them while trying to move the case along as expeditiously as possible; always with the goal of getting the best outcome for the client.

Our trainee solicitors learn this from day one when they start at Irvings.

Future planning . . .

From its humble beginnings in Anfield and opening its office in Liverpool city centre in 1997, Irvings remembers its history while always keeping an eye on the future. Starting as a family business, with Stephen and Anne Irving, expansion and growth has always been central to our strategy and when Ian Kyle became a director in 2000, operational changes were made to even better serve our clients.

Now, as then in the beginning, and with our ever-growing extended family, we continue to be committed to obtaining the highest amount of compensation possible for all our clients in their often complex and sensitive cases.

If your data has been breached, such as being released into the public domain . . .
. . . you may have a claim.

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