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GDPR compensation claims: As a leading data protection firm of solicitors, it is our commitment to ensure that our clients receive the maximum compensation possible if their information or data has been unlawfully breached. Contact us if you think you may have a claim.

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Company cyber-attacked but successful claimant’s data not actually breached

A claim for data not actually breached

An interesting case of a company who was the victim of a cyber-attack who held personal details of a client who successfully claimed even though his details were not actually accessed unlawfully.

Double-sided printing error

Double-sided printing error

Mr Whitton’s former employers were printing off Mr Whitton’s P45. As the printer was set to double-sided printing, Mr Whitton’s P45 was printed onto the back page of the other employee’s P45.

Single mother and children’s personal data breached by Cardiff Council

Mother’s data breached by Council

A mother submitted an Application to the Defendant for childcare funding for her two children in nursery but a member of Cardiff Family Advice & Support copied in an unrelated third party.

Employee’s details left on cleaning trolley

Employee’s details left on cleaning trolley

The client was attending her last shift with her employer who placed a form on a cleaning cart in a corridor outside the toilet areas containing her full name and national insurance number.

Hallmark Card PLC unlawfully allows access to employees’ personal information

Unlawful access to personal info

On 13 February 2020, a number of former employees for Hallmark Cards PLC received a letter from their former employer to inform them that their data had been breached as a document containing their personal details.

Bank employee has work laptop stolen containing accessible financial information of customer

Laptop stolen containing customer information

This claim involved an employee of the involved bank taking an unsecured work laptop home with them which contained personal and financial information relating to a customer on an unprotected spreadsheet.

‘Before & After’ weight loss imagery used outside of consent for years

Weight loss imagery used outside of consent for years

A woman’s successful weight loss imagery was used outside the parameters of what she agreed and ended up all over the world for a considerable amount of time.

Law firm sends witness statement to an incorrect email address

Law firm sends witness statement to wrong email address

A client was advised by Hewitts Solicitors that a witness statement about him that was provided by his ex-wife had been sent to an unknown third party instead of to him.

Law firm sends repeated emails to incorrect email address

Law firm sends emails to incorrect address

A conveyancing firm had been repeatedly sending correspondence to the wrong email address containing personal information pertaining to a man and his ex-partner.

Parish council discloses personal information on Facebook

Council discloses personal info on Facebook

Irvings Law has successfully represented a man from Walsall against the Great Wyrley Parish Council following their Breach of the Data Protection Act 2018/General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Met Police inaccurate recording of info as a result of racial stereotyping

Met Police inaccurate recording of info

Mr Matthew McConville at Irvings Law has successfully represented a British Accountant in an action for compensation against the Metropolitan Police Force following their inaccurate recording of her nationality and occupation.

Center Parcs unlawfully discloses employees’ personal information

Center Parcs discloses employees’ personal information

After a data breach at Center Parc’s Woburn Forest resort, Irvings Law Data Breach department represented a number of the leisure company’s employees.

Man wins case against ex-employer following breach

Man wins case against ex-employer

A man previously employed by a care home provider requested that his personnel file was returned to him. This was because his ex-employee no longer needed to hold his personal information which included sensitive medical information.

Lancashire County Council sued for serious breach

Lancashire County Council sued for serious breach

Local Authorities have a legal obligation to keep sensitive and personal records confidential, except from the professional people who need to see them.

Mobile phone contents downloaded to a stranger

Phone contents downloaded to stranger

We all have a responsibility to keep our phones safe and password protected but what if data was lost and the culprit turned out to be the mobile phone company itself?

Santander employee unlawfully infringes customer’s (and child’s) privacy

Santander infringes customer’s privacy

In a recent case, Irvings Law successfully represented a woman whose data and information had been unlawfully infringed by an employee of Santander and disclosed to a mutual friend.

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