Nottinghamshire CC Disclose Financial Info to Third Party

Mr Mathew McConville has successfully represented a client in a claim for compensation against Nottinghamshire County Council.

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Nottinghamshire County Council Disclose Financial Information to Third Party


Miss Tudbury emailed her Local Government Pensions Department querying the tax that she pays on her pension. Within such an email was her name, email address as well as confirmation of her said tax query, yearly salary, where she worked and her tax code. In addition to this, the said email included that Miss Tudbury has another teacher pension and how much tax is paid upon that as well as her mobile phone number, national insurance number and employer tax reference too. In response to this email, the said Local Government Pensions Department emailed their response to an incorrect email address the recipient of which was not aware of all such personal information pertaining to Miss Tudbury.

Miss Tudbury lodged a complaint to Nottinghamshire County Council whom controlled the information held by the Local Government Pensions Department. In response, Nottinghamshire County Council confirmed that a data incident and breach had occurred apologising for any inconvenience and distress caused but Miss Tudbury wished to take matters further.


As such, Miss Tudbury approached specialist Data Protection Solicitors, Irvings Law, for assistance. Mr McConville immediately acknowledged that what happened was completely wrong and without hesitation, offered to act for Miss Tudbury by way of “no win, no fee” presenting a claim to Nottinghamshire County Council for a breach of human rights, data protection and misuse of private information.


In response to such a claim for compensation, Nottinghamshire County Council engaged in settlement discussions with Miss Tudbury resulting of settlement of over £3,000.00.

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