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CPS Data Breach

Surprising stats The Crown Prosecution Service deals with and handles some of the most sensitive and important data that any organisation, whether public or private, would be expected to hold. With this in mind, it is deeply troubling to find

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Working from Home – Is your personal information still secure?

Home working: An overview The recent Covid-19 pandemic lead to a rapid almost overnight change in working habits, the majority of office workers and most other industries switched from working in an office to working from home. Working from home

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Data Breaches by Schools and Academies

Prime targets Schools and Academies are unfortunately regularly responsible for the breach of personal information. By their very nature Schools and Academies hold a lot of personal information relating to their students, parents of their students, teachers and other staff

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Cyber Security is an increasing concern

Alarming stats A recent report from security firm Carbon Black has shown around 88% of UK businesses have fallen victim to a cyber-security incident in the past year.  In their recent report the insurer Hiscox has stated that a small

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Home Office data breaches

Increased cases The Home Office’s annual report shows that in 2019/2020 they recorded more than twice as many data breaches than in the previous year. Over the 12 month period, there were 4,229 data breaches recorded, compared to 1,930 the

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Prison service provide full detainee records to incorrect detainee

Background Dan Higham, part of Irvings Law’s thriving and specialist data breach department, has successfully represented a client in an action against the Ministry of Justice for breach of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018, a breach of Article 8

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